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Tangerine Bee, The Hive, 26 Commercial Road, Exeter UK EX2 4AB

Co-applicants for grants and funding

NIHR, Innovate UK and more

We have worked with university research teams and founders as partners and co-applicants. We have a quick turn-around for decisions on whether we would be the right partner for you, our available resources and ability to deliver if the application is successful. With experience in successful NIHR funded projects and full knowledge of the context for research and development opportunities within health and social care, we can work with you to develop a relevant and appealing funding bid within short timescales.

How we work

When you contact us

You can email us at projects@tangerinebee.com and we will book a call with you to discuss the project that you have in mind. If we both agree that there is potential in partnering up, we will allocate time to help develop the proposal and the details for the bid. We usually get involved as an SME partner for the purposes of bids and meet the eligibility criteria for NIHR and Innovate UK funding opportunities. 

We have usually allocated one or more named applicant(s) for funding bids and will work with our Associates to ensure that people with right skills are involved in the team. 

We have worked with university finance teams as well as SMEs and founders. We can also lead on funding bids and welcome proposals from non-UK founders and companies. 

Find out more

Contact us

We would love to work with you and support applications that improve health and care. All the information provided will be kept confidential and we often start with a call or chat to get to know you. So, just get in touch and we can find out more about each other's worlds. 

Email: projects@tangerinebee.com

Phone: 07908 766971