Seeing your design in 3D print

Thank you for your submission, we loved your design. Now we need to go from design to a 3D printable file.

Do you want to give it a go yourself, here are the instructions to turn your design into a file ready for 3D printing. After you have completed the following 8 steps, save and send the svg file and we will put it into print in our little community 3D printer room in central Exeter and send you a physical print of your design.

To get started, you need Inkscape and an account with TinkerCAD. Equivalent software and platforms are fine as long as you can produce an svg file in the end for the 3D printer to read and print. If you can't quite get the right kit together, don't worry. Just tell us (click here) and we will finish off your design and put it to print. Just so that you know, Nathan Shan (Ohio, USA) put together these set of instructions for you. 

Thank you Georgie for trying out our little new project. 

Step 1

Starting with Inkscape, import the picture from wherever you have it stored

Step 2

Then go into the top right and go path>trace bitmap and this screen should show up.

Step 3

You can play with the brightness threshold until it looks like what you want it to (I thought 0.720 looked best to me). You just have to update it to see it every time you change it.

Step 4

After you press ok and accept it, it should place the black and white overlay on top of the colour picture you originally had (sometimes it's buggy and you just have to redo the bitmap) so you just have to drag it out of the way and delete the original.

Step 5

From there you're done in inkscape so do a save as and make sure it's saved as a plain svg instead of the inkscape svg.

Step 6

Open up TinkerCAD

Step 7

In the top right just import the svg from wherever you saved it in Inkscape, the default import numbers seemed like a good size to me, but you can make it bigger or smaller if you want to, I think it's just measurements in mm.

Step 8

That's basically it. You can play around with it however you want to by clicking the object and then you can import it to do whatever you want.


A little message from Nathan Shan who put these instructions together for you. 

"If there's any parts that mess up just email and we can help, but it shouldn't be too bad. The only issue I had was finding the svg after saving it cause inkscape saved in a weird spot by default."

Thank you for your design, we love your work.

Finished? Send us your svg file

We don't quite know how it is going to print, but we will try our best to print and send you your design in the next 3 working days. 

Making it work

3D printing is still an art. Sometimes the prints don't work properly, the print filament may jam up and we might just have brilliant day where everything went brilliantly. We will send you a film of your print if we can. Just a test at the moment though!