Analysts in action

Analysing the Numbers

Spreadsheets and datasets

Quantitative data analysis as part of the service

Sometimes, it is smaller datasets in the wrong format or requiring cleaning up that holds up a project. Other times, it is the analysis. We have the patience and expertise to work with you to make your spreadsheets work for you. Whether you are are looking for excel, R or SPSS skills for your project, or simply not sure, get in touch for an initial consultation. 

Glowing Keyboard

Online and real time

Ready to share and discuss work in progress

We use online systems to share and show you the different stages of the project. This way you have immediate access to the data and can comment in real time as well. We work with reputable and secure online services. If you have your own systems, we can link to that too. You don't have to be an expert either, we can guide you all the way. 

Therapy Session

Applied research methodologies

Qualitative and group discussions

We are focussed on analytical work that combines both recognised quantitative and qualitative methods. We are user-centred in everything we do. Our Associates are qualified social scientists, mathematicians and engineers, or they are talented and experienced individuals. We stay focussed on the impact you can make with your data and information 


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