About Us

We have been privileged to work with health and social care practitioners and clinicians, project managers, policy makers, and academics for local, regional, national and international projects. 


Working to translate research findings to practice and policy in health and social care, we can work with you on summarising your research findings for stakeholders and hosting consensus building workshops, create multimedia content and lots more.


Come and use our space in Exeter for up to 7 people on location. We have set up a space that is ready for interactive team working including virtual meetings, projections and wall space for getting creative. Subsidised rates for charities and social enterprises with evening and weekend access. 


We get excited about the potential for 360 degree and 3D experiences to change the way you work and support the provision of care. A few projects in and working with partners, we are ready to have a conversation about how you can consider immersive content for your health and social care project. 


We are deeply committed to helping the world be a better place to live and work in. This is because of our everyday personal and professional experiences, some which have brought us very close to areas that could be improved or just different to what it is today. We are passionate about finding the right way to work with you for the lives you want to make an impact on. Get in touch. 

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