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We are a team of volunteers, small businesses and organisations coming together to support our local health and care workers to access face shields and visors that are produced from open sourced designs and printed/made in non-manufacturing sites.  


We are working with local healthcare organisations to understand who is available to help at this difficult time. At this stage, we are just mapping the capacity for 3D printing in Devon. Other information may be relevant, such as plastics manufacturing and associated technologies and expertise. If you can help health and social care organisations with their urgent supplies, please complete our form and we will come back to you as soon as possible. 

Placing your order

We can get deliveries to Somerset and Devon (including community and acute care settings). We know that a wide range of care workers need access, so please just contact us if you are in short supply of face shields/visors and we will try our best to help. We are also in contact with other volunteer networks in the UK, so will coordinate for larger quantities where we can. 

Shields - these have protection over the eye and is a closed design at the top

Visors - these have an open design at the top and is not suitable for aerosol-generating procedures.

It is important to note that we are not suppliers/manufacturers of PPE, we are supporting you with shields and visors following the best practice and approaches in place during this difficult time. Please see below for more information on where we are getting our designs and what precautions we are taking to apply the most stringent rules we can. 

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3D Printing designs

These are from open-sourced and now widely printed designs Prusa Designs. Printing takes place in clean environments and we follow the recommended procedures for storage and transportation. 

Foam-based design

These are from open-sourced Delve Design and instructions received from various networks. Cutting and assembly takes place in clean environments. All items are stored dated with the time of packing and should be stored for 90 hours before use.

IMPortant information

3D printed designs may be able to be cleaned and re-used with replaceable plastic fronts for the visors and the shields. We will outline the current information we hold, but please follow your infection control guidelines for this process. 

funding/costs considerations

We are working with volunteer time, but need to cover materials and delivery costs. There are substantial upfront costs for the plastics, foam and for the raw printing materials. There are also individuals and SMEs involved who need subsistence costs covered. We are putting in place a transparent cost model, but will ask you to consider how you can fund these efforts. 

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